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The God of Tomorrow

There are many trials we face in life, but the greatest one is not knowing what tomorrow may bring. As a Christian we don't know about tomorrow, but we know who holds tomorrow. When sickness strikes and when man can't God can move in every aspect of our lives.

Many of you know how God healed me when only He could touch my throat. I had a stroke. I was not sure if I would ever talk again or be able to swallow food. I was being fed by a tube into my stomach. But praise the Lord, one night I got serious and poured my heart out to God and asked Him to heal me. I felt His healing power move down my face and stop in my throat.

The very next morning, I asked my wife to fix me some eggs to eat. I feel His Spirit, even now as I type this. She was scared that I would get choked, but I knew God had come into my bedroom and touched my throat.

I ate several eggs and oh, was it good to me! Listen friend, God loves you and wants to meet every need in your life. The Word of God says we have not because we ask not. Please understand, God also works through doctors also, but God wants a relationship with you.

As I close this, let me ask you, do know Jesus as your Savior? If not, you can. He is only a whisper away.

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